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Hontex International Holdings Company Limited 洪良國際控股有限公司

Hontex (0946): listing cancelled
Company announcement, 16-Sep-2013
Hontex thereby sets the record for infant mortality on HKEx, having been listed for just 96 days up to the last trading day. This beats the record held by Codebank Ltd, which imploded on the GEM board in 2002 after being listed for 144 days.
HKICPA disciplines Leung Sze Chit, of KPMG/Hontex fame. Reasons
HKICPA, 9-Aug-2013
By a 4:1 majority - one unnamed member of the Disciplinary Committee dissented and opined that "another more cuplable person in the whole matter as revealed in the evidence before this Committee should have been pursued".
SFC v Hontex (0946)
HK Court of Appeal, 21-Jun-2012
SFC revokes licence of Mega Capital (Asia) Co Ltd, fines it HK$42m for Hontex mess
SFC, 22-Apr-2012
Mega Capital denies all allegations of wrongdoing. The timing of this announcement, made at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon, may be intended to buttress the case for greater sponsor liability in a consultation paper expected soon. Some of the allegations though, appear to relate to accounting data, the verification of which should have been the purview of reporting accountants KPMG. The SFC does not regulate accountants.
SFC v Hontex (0946)
HK Court of First Instance, 7-Oct-2011
SFC v Hontex (0946)
HK Court of First Instance, 2-Aug-2011
Hontex: breach of Listing Rules: late results
Company announcement, 31-Mar-2011
Court continues interim injunction to freeze Hontex assets
SFC, 8-Apr-2010
"The SFC alleges that Hontex's financial position as outlined in its IPO prospectus has been materially overstated."

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