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GOLDMAN SACHS (ASIA) L.L.C. 高盛(亞洲)有限責任公司

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Main board

Name Age in
Sex Position From Until
1 Brown, Jason Matthew   47  M MDManaging Director  2004  
2 Chou, David Tse Young   49  M EDExecutive Director    
3 Chu, Allen   45  M EDExecutive Director    
4 Chuang, George Jian 莊建   45  M EDExecutive Director  Mar-1999  3-May-2005
5 Cornell, Henry   60  M MDManaging Director    
6 Courtis, Kenneth Stuart   69  M Vice ChVice Chairman  1999  Mar-2006
7 Dattels, Timothy David   58  M MDManaging Director    Jan-2003
8 Evans, William Mark   57  M Ch,MDChairman, Managing Director  1994  1997
9 Freshwater, Timothy George 范華達   71  M Vice ChVice Chairman    1-Apr-2012
10 Hsu, Joyce I-Yin 許懿尹   40  F EDExecutive Director    U
11 Hu, Frederick Zuliu 胡祖六   52  M MDManaging Director  2000  Apr-2010
12 Hui, Stephanie Ming Yunn 許明茵   42  F MDManaging Director    
13 Law, Eddie Siu Wah 羅肇華   50  M DirDirector  May-1999  2007
MDManaging Director  2007  1-Sep-2011
14 Lee, Harvey Chi Chung 李自忠   50  M MDManaging Director    U
15 Lee, Ronald Suk Bae 李碩培     M MDManaging Director    
16 Li, Fang (1961) 李方   54  M EDExecutive Director    U
17 Lin, Shirley Syaru 林夏如   47  F EDExecutive Director    1-Jun-2003
18 Liu, Katherine Yi Lan 劉依蘭   41  F EDExecutive Director    
19 Schwartz, Mark (1955)   60  M ChChairman    2001
ChChairman  Jun-2012  
20 Shum, Patrick Wai Cheong     M MDManaging Director    
21 Sun, Yanjun 孫燕軍   45  M EDExecutive Director    U
22 Tsang, Moses Kwok Tai 曾國泰   66  M Ch,MDChairman, Managing Director  1989  1994
23 Vas Chau, Judy Lai Kun 周勵勤     F MDManaging Director    
24 Wang, Sing 王兟   52  M EDExecutive Director    U
25 Wheeler, Peter     M MDManaging Director    U
26 Willman, Kenneth Wayne     M MDManaging Director    
27 Yang, Donald Xiang Dong 楊向東   50  M EDExecutive Director    U
28 Zhai, Haitao 翟海濤   46  M MDManaging Director    U
29 Zhang, Alan Xudong 張旭東   50  M PartnerPartner  2010  

SFC roles

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